You know that feeling you get when you are about to teach a lesson that rocks?We think teacher PD should feel the same.

Try your first one on us.

Site-based PD delivered by the very best... YOU.

Here is what you get:

Step 1

Expert derived content

We carefully select research-based content from top thought leaders in education.

Step 1

Highly experiential delivery

Our team of world-class designers translate expert-derived content into experience-rich, tech-enhanced workshops.

Step 1

Site-based PD delivered by the very best... YOU.

You simply select a PD session from your Ready to Run PD collection, review it once or twice, and then run it with your staff, as much as you want, where you want, when you want.

That’s right — just click it, review it, run it. Ready to Run PD — it’s that simple.

PD sessions powered by:

  • JeffStarr
  • Dr. LoreaMartinez
  • Conscious ClassroomManagement
  • Dr. AdriaKlein
  • RebeccaHorwitz
  • Dr. NedHallowell

What's the buzz?

Check out what people are saying about Ready to Run PD.

This is gold, PD gold.

Justin Cook — Vice Principal, Maryville Schools

An avenue to deliver experiential PD to really touch teacher's hearts. Teachers will leave the PD inspired and energized with immediate application in their pockets.

Britten Clark-Huyck — Instructional Coach, Corvallis School District

So easy a caveman could do it.

Jason Engilis — Teacher, Sunset High School

It was a great mix of research, media applications and strategies delivered in the gradual release model, I do, We do, You do. This hit the nail on the head. You nailed it!

Billy Spicer - Instructional Coach, Lake Zurich , IL - CUSD 95

My teachers would much much prefer this style of professional development. They got more out of what Nearpod did today than they do from the pds they are usually offered.

Eryn Pluim - Instructional Coach, Gloucester County Public Schools

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