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Unlimited Teacher Licenses

With the Nearpod School Site License edition, ALL teachers at your school will have unlimited access to our award-winning platform.

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Turn existing lessons into interactive Nearpod lessons

Transform your existing PPTs, PDFs, and Google Slides into interactive Nearpod lessons by adding interactive activities.

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Thousands of Lessons

Download all of Nearpod's ready-to-teach, K-12 content from premium publishers. All lessons are editable to fit the needs of your class.

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Nearpod VR

Get up to 20 VR headsets + access to 100 VR lessons to transport your students anywhere in the world from your classroom.

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Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Access the nation's leading digital citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Education combined with interactive activities, assessments, and real-time feedback from Nearpod.

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    Internet Safety

  • Icon of a key

    Privacy and Security

  • Icon of a speech bubble

    Relationships & Communication

  • Icon of a person


  • Icon of a footprint

    Digital Footprint & Reputation

  • Icon of a peson and it's reflection

    Self-image & Identity

  • Icon of a magnifying glass

    Information Literacy

  • Icon of Creative Credit & Copyright

    Creative Credit & Copyright

Dedicated Training

Nearpod's expert trainers will come on site to get you up to speed on how to use Nearpod so you get the most out of all the engaging features.

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