How does Nearpod impact student learning? Read the case studies, research, and articles below

Regular use of Nearpod increases achievement.

hendry County

Regular Nearpod usage was linked to an increase in state test scores among students in Hendry County, Florida. Learn more about our evidence-based ESSA qualification in this research paper.

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Nearpod for ELL - A research-based approach to ELL instruction

Nearpod for ELL

Learn how Nearpod combined research-backed pedagogy, formative assessment, and the gradual release model to create a curriculum for English Language Learner teachers and students.

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The Positive Impact of Digital Citizenship in K-12 Classrooms

Diverse group of elementary school children

Learn how educators are making positive impacts on their students, technology integration efforts, and school culture through Nearpod & Common Sense Education’s Digital Citizenship curriculum.

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Nearpod leads to improved focus, engagement, and reading comprehension

Diverse group of elementary school children

Lisa Gottfried, a teacher at New Tech High in Napa, CA, explores Nearpod's efficacy in supporting reading comprehension.

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Nearpod creates a bridge between curriculum and technology for schools and districts

Diverse group of elementary school children

This case study explores Nearpod, San Francisco Unified School District, and the Salesforce Foundation's partnership that led to the creation of 100+ interactive, standards-aligned math lessons for San Francisco students.

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Nearpod enables 100% student participation and formative assessment data for teachers

Diverse group of elementary school children

Research from CSU Fullerton shows that Nearpod increases student participation and increases teachers' ability to adapt their instruction with formative assessment data.

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Read a research summary on the benefits of formative assessment from ASCD.

Nearpod promotes 21st Century Skills such as communication, creativity, and collaboration

Diverse group of elementary school children

A study of over 20 teachers and 1200 students shows that Nearpod promotes 21st century skills and student engagement.

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Diverse group of elementary school children

A survey of over 2000 students gives Nearpod high marks on personalization, creativity, and collaboration.

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Read's framework for 21st Century Learning.

Nearpod increases student engagement

Diverse group of elementary school children

Research from North Dakota State shows that Nearpod limits distraction and improves performance.

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Read Dr. Robert Marzano's research summary on student engagement.

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