Develop skills for healthy identities, relationships, and decision-making

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Build positive, safe, and empowering school climates.

Social-Emotional Learning lesson collection powered by our trusted educational partner

SEL content with everything teachers love about Nearpod

Nearpod’s SEL curriculum is built into your school or district library, saving teachers time by keeping content on the same platform they’re already using to teach.

Whole-child development

Provide explicit instruction for the skills students need for life in and beyond school.

Flexible curriculum

Embed SEL instruction into any setting with Nearpod’s signature interactive and engaging media.

Growing library

Access a continuously growing lesson library for an up-to-date curriculum.

Tap into Title IV to support a well-rounded education that includes social and emotional learning.

225+ Interactive Nearpod lessons for Social & Emotional Learning

Nearpod’s Social-Emotional Learning lesson collection supports instruction in growth mindset practices and lifelong learning strategies.

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