6 reasons your school’s math instruction needs Nearpod Math

December 29, 2021Pamela Villalba

Nearpod Math is our new and exciting approach for supplementing math instruction using robust, standards-aligned math content organized in one place to easily find exactly what you need. Combining real-world connections, virtual math manipulatives, and a research-based framework, this supplemental offering will provide classrooms with a variety of opportunities to support everyday teaching, differentiated instruction, and enrichment for all to focus on student-centered math instruction.

Select from a variety supplemental resources to support your everyday math instruction

Full Lesson Experience:

We know that half the battle in teaching right now is finding top quality resources. Resources need to be flexible enough for teachers to make their own, while still remaining rigorous, engaging, and differentiated to meet the needs of all students in their class.  Nearpod Math allows teachers to support their everyday instruction with a highly-rated lesson, digitized from the researched-based curriculum Illustrative Mathematics, in a  ready-to-teach, problem-based format that keeps students at the forefront of instruction. These lessons provide warm-ups to get students thinking about the standard and topic of the day, then lead into exploration and practice through interactive activities and collaboration with classmates.

Always on the Hunt for More:

We also know that core instruction may not always be enough to meet the needs of all learners. Teachers likely need something else for that day, and we’ve got them covered. They will find opportunities to practice, reteach, and extend lessons, as well as videos and activities specifically aligned to the standard or topic within that core lesson experience. These supporting resources provide standards-aligned content that allow teachers to highlight a key concept by using a mini-lesson for small groups, showing a short video, or assigning additional practice opportunities in the form of a Time to Climb, Matching Pairs, Drag & Drop, Draw It, or one of our new virtual math manipulatives activities. All of these resources are conveniently organized in one place using a cohesive scope-and-sequence approach. Does your district also purchase a premium collection such as SEL, EL, or Flocabulary? These resources are organized by standard  in one click for teachers to access, making it easier than ever to integrate these important focus areas into instruction as well.

Confidence-boosting math experiences engage every learner

The Role Model Approach: Math Is for Me!

Too often we find students unable to relate to the math classroom. Nearpod Math provides access to role models throughout the offering that look and think like typical math students across the nation. We built a character crew that we  will continue to grow and learn with the students across their K-8 math instruction journey. Through our Oh Now I Get It video series, these relatable characters demonstrate common misconceptions that may occur in the math classroom to clarify their understanding. These characters also walk students through relevant and authentic real-world connections through our Math in Action video series. We are excited for Sammy, Jaden, Willow, and all of their classmates to boost math experiences for all, and engage every learner.

Building Conceptual Understanding:

Our new virtual math manipulatives provide students with a scaffold to solve problems using Color Tiles, Base 10 Blocks, Algebra Tiles, and Fraction Tiles (with more to come!). Teachers are able to use our pre-made activities or make one on the spot to address a specific problem and drive conceptual understanding for students who may need the additional support. Additionally, our virtual manipulatives support the “Math Is For Me!” approach, teachers are able to share out student work in real-time to the whole class and allow individuals to talk through their thinking out loud as they continue to work. This provides the opportunity for peers to become math role models for one another and demonstrate their understanding right on the spot.

Reducing Pressure and Anxiety Creates Voice:

With the power of Nearpod, teachers truly have the ability to hear from every student on almost every question. This reduces anxiety and allows students to practice without fear or judgement of being incorrect. These opportunities are carefully planned  to intentionally allow students to collaborate through interactive activities, or at their own pace, through our new Live to Student Paced feature. Teachers can now release students to complete a number of math activities so they may move at their own pace, while also monitoring the pace of individual students. This removes the pressure that the class is waiting for “me” to finish, while supporting the students who are able to move swiftly through more practice problems. Teachers decide what’s next because they know their students best.

Teachers Drive the Path:

Flexibility is key when using supplemental resources. With Nearpod Math, teachers can access all these great resources and customize them across grade levels to meet their individual classroom needs. Not only can teachers edit, remove, or add to the existing Nearpod resources, they also can create their own to support small-groups, whole-class, reteaching, or enrichment opportunities!

Confident Next Steps After Every Turn: 

Teaching math is complicated. Nearpod assists teachers in managing classroom behavior through facilitating  engaging lessons while supporting teachers in addressing misconceptions before they start. Nearpod Math experiences are rich with real-time student insights, a live teacher dashboard, exclusive content, and on-the-fly instructional tools such as live annotation so teachers can intervene in the moment. Forget the days of teachers reviewing 150+ exit slips a day to adapt tomorrow’s instruction, and start seeing where kids are in the moment so you can make adjustments right on the spot.

Powered by Nearpod Premium Plus, Nearpod Math is available to schools and districts seeking to solve the “experience gap” found in other supplemental math programs. The program helps your teachers bring 21st-century skills to impact student learning each and every day.  Want to take a deeper look into the features that support boosting student confidence in math?

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